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Why Two Dozen Pixels?

The name represents an analogous connection between graphic design and the art of cooking. "Could you pick up two dozen pixels from the super market?" They're special ingredients for elegant design.

It also represent how many pixels it takes to create a recognizable image or icon (in our opinion).

It takes a good mixture of ingredients to create something that tastes especially good and that's how we feel about visual communication.

We'd love to make something special for you.

Let's get cookin.

Fresh Breakfast

Looking to get your day started? Need an energy boost or a fresh snack? Breakfast is all about getting the initial start to your day. Similarly, in design, you need to start with a foundation, a few simple ingredients that taste good together and gives you a base to start. We recommend that you start with branding development.

Let’s Do Lunch

Breakfast can only get you so far. That’s when it’s time for lunch. In terms of visual communication, it’s when you start to establish your brand and carry ingredients across media. Next, broadening the scope and forming a cohesive branding strategy will ensure a successful promotional campaign with your audience.

What’s For Dinner?

It’s been slow-roasting in the oven for you, juicy and tender. We think you’re going to love it. Once your branding campaign has established your business, it’s time to take it up a notch and impress your customers and remind them of why you’re the one they come to for your products and services. Tastes good doesn’t it?